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You could have heard about the story of Femme fatales, a mysterious and sexy woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible motivation, often leading them into reducing, absurd, and hazardous circumstances. She is an archetype of novels and art. Numerous books and movies relate to this old tale to strengthen the sense of puzzle in addition to create more room for creativeness to all plots. There is a name-like tv show, Femme Fatales Season 1 DVD, turn to make use of the moral behind Femme fatales to show its original theme, those strong, alluring and harmful women. Each episode in Femme Fatales Season 2 DVD will focus on a distinct story with the heroine who will discover unique ways to deal with their own problems, combine in the survival intuition and the quickly arranged "cunning" from the heart, just like the tale of Femme fatales. Each concentration of vulgar stories is dependant upon popular culture, film noir and comic book, and also variation of the plot and story locations in a very provocative scene to make Femme Fatales Season 1 DVD interesting and exciting. Want to know women’s internal world? You should try Femme Fatales and then you may know how to overcome women’s unpredictable. You must understand women’s world is much more innovative than men’s world, believe in me!

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